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Settle with your opponent quickly

Welcome to the website of the Eternal Gospel Society (EGS). If you are here to sign the petition to stop all forms of forced abortion (including the murder of pregnant women), then please click the following link:

The Petition for the Right to Choose Life Act

We are the mediators and mediatrices between the two sides of the divided church, the progressive side and the conservative side. Mediation must begin with the most divisive issue, and that is abortion. Today, we are all being tempted (Rev. 3:10) to support one of two things, neither of which is good. One is elective abortion and the other is forced gestation (see Table 1). Progressives support the former, and conservatives, the latter. The good news is that with the temptation God has made a way of escape (1Co. 10:13) and it is to support elective gestation by opposing forced abortion. You can oppose forced abortion by signing the petition mentioned above, and by signing it, you sign the mediation settlement agreement, or MSA. We are mediators because we present the MSA to each opposing side of the divided church. Our Lord Jesus Christ says, "Settle with your opponent quickly" (Mat. 5:25), and that is what we are here to help you do.

Table 1- Outcomes of a Healthy Pregnancy
Upward arrows mean she gestated, thereby bringing LIFE to her seed. Downward arrows mean she aborted, thereby bringing DEATH. Leftward arrows mean she CHOSE it, and rightward arrows mean she was FORCED into it.

If you are pro-life of the unborn offspring, then you support the two outcomes in the top row, but you are opposed to the two outcomes in the bottom row; and if you are pro-choice between gestation and abortion, then you support the two outcomes in the left column, but you are opposed to the two outcomes in the right column. Therefore, the common ground between you and your opponent is that both of you are opposed to the outcome in the lower right, forced abortion.

But being opposed to something is not the same as actively opposing it. The good news which we bring to you is that there is now a way for all of us to actively oppose forced abortion. By signing the MSA, the petition linked at the top of this page, you and your opponent would not only settle with each other, but the two of you would also begin to work together to stop forced abortion.

The petition is for a bipartisan bill of law, called the Right to Choose Life Act, which would take away the motive for forced abortion, thereby causing forced abortion to stop. You can learn all about the RTCL Act by selecting the options under the 'Info' and 'RTCL' menus. Before you sign the petition, you should know that by signing it, you agree to give up something for the sake of protecting women who choose life. You would give up one of the following two means of escape:

If you are male, your means of escaping any child support obligation that you incur by impregnating a female who is not your wife
If you are female, your means of escaping any childbearing obligation without incurring a portion of the child support obligation

If you are not willing to make your respective sacrifice for the sake of women who want to gestate, then please ask yourself whether you are being selfish. It might change your mind if you were to go to the 'RTCL' menu, select 'The RTCL Martyrs' option, and read about the women who were killed because they chose life and the children who were killed because their mother chose life.

If you have any questions, please email us by clicking the mail icon below, and we will be happy to meet with you in one of three ways, in person, by videoconference, or by phone. If you have signed the petition, prayerfully consider becoming a mediator yourself, and let us know if you are being called to that special position.

Thank you and may God bless you,
The Eternal Gospel Society

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